What’s New for Hardware Certification Kit 2.0 ?

The Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK) introduced with Windows 8 significantly improves and enhances the functionality of Windows Logo Kit 1.6. The key improvements include:

New certification taxonomy
Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK) uses a new taxonomy to organize features and requirements, organized by feature namespace, rather than the previous categories and subcategories used in the previous Windows Logo Kit (WLK). For example, Device.Audio.APO.Base.MicArrayRawData defines an audio requirement for APO.

Updated certification requirements
Review the updated
certification requirements to ensure your products and drivers take full advantage of Windows 8. These requirements are derived from end user scenarios and ensure that tests map to requirements with clearly articulated value.

Renewed certification policies and processes
For updated guidelines on certification testing policies, product submission, and business requirements, see
Windows Certification Program Policies and Guidelines.

Simplified feature-based detection
Windows HCK testing is based on automatic test identification logic feature detection. The test harness detects all of the features of the device that interoperate with Windows and schedules testing for all implemented features. The certification process evaluates all of the exposed features of the device, rather than only a subset of features.

User experience enhancements tailored for the certification workflow
Windows HCK Studio is a completely new test management console. The modern designs allows you to organize your tests into projects, view features and tests associated with your device, run selected tests with real-time updates on test progress, and create a submission package. HCK Studio supports a package mode that allows you to view and merge submission packages. HCK Studio also provides context-sensitive help for each test job.

Comprehensive automation
HCK API for Windows 8 enables you to automate some or all of the certification test process. The API exposes all of the functionality of HCK Studio, so you can use both HCK Studio and automation in your certification workflow. The HCK API supports any Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0 (and higher) programming language (example: C# and Windows PowerShell).

Modern setup and servicing
The HCK has a modern setup experience that is consistent with other hardware development kits and tools used during the driver development lifecycle. QFEs are integrated using a slipstream model and do not need to be individually downloaded.

Multiple tools integrated
Packaging and signing is part of the core workflow of HCK Studio, and the separate tools WST (Winqual Submission Tool) and signtool.exe file are no longer needed. A separate logviewer.exe tool is no longer necessary, because packaging files can be opened directly in HCK Studio.

Enhanced logging, diagnostics, and scoring
The HCK logs into the Windows Event Viewer, providing more detailed information on errors and operations.

Improvements to the program
DashBoard service , new sysdev resources improves the user experience in the logo program

Source: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-US/library/windows/hardware/hh852379