Windows Hardware Certification Kit 2.0

Consistent with Windows 8, Microsoft has reimagined the process of certifying hardware. Microsoft has streamlined the user interface and introduced automatic feature detection, which determines the certification tests to run for a submitted system or device. Because Windows 8 offers comprehensive automation interfaces, Microsoft has been able to eliminate the need for separate tools, such as the WLK Log Viewer.

The Windows HCK 2.0 provides User the tools, processes, and tests to create and upload submission packages to the Windows Dev Center Hardware Dashboard to certify User devices and systems.  The current Windows Logo Kit (WLK 1.6 ) will continue to be available for a limited time for down-level testing.

HCK 2.0 Testing Concepts

The new Windows HCK uses a different method to determine which tests to run. The Windows HCK identifies the features of the product under test and generates a list for the tester. To properly evaluate the kit, User will need to understand some new terms and concepts:
Feature: A feature is a capability exposed by a device. After the tester selects a system or device, the kit detects its features using gatherers. The list of detected features is stored on the controller, the server that manages the test environment. Features are represented in a name space that is shared by all components of our certification system and publishing mechanisms. Some examples include Device.Graphics.WDDM12, System.Client.BluetoothController.Base, and Filter.Driver.Network.LWF. 

Requirement: A requirement is the written document that specifies what a device must do to qualify for Windows Hardware Certification. Within the namespace, requirements are children of features. For example, Device.Imaging.Scanner.Base.RawFileFormat is a requirement for the feature Device.Imaging.Scanner.Base. Hardware certification requirements are published on the Windows Dev Center at the following location: Windows 8 Hardware Certification Requirements. 

Tests: Tests validate that the features are implemented on the product per the requirements. Each test has a pointer to the requirement(s) it validates. 

Product Type: Replacing the old self-selection category system, the new certification program uses Product Types, which are certifiable products that uniquely match to a list of testable features. To receive Windows Hardware Certification, a product must implement all of the features of at least one Product Type. For example, to qualify as a Product Type WLAN, Userr device must at least implement the features that are included in the WLAN product type definition.

Another Major change is the HCK 2.0 Dashboard.  You can certify your devices and software for the Microsoft logo in HCK Dashboard and take advantage of other services. The Hardware Certification Dashboard replaces Windows Quality Online Services (Winqual).